Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Lot of Transact-SQL Still Out There

I had a question from a reader of my Nerdy Musings site today about how to check for a missing stored procedure parameter in Transact-SQL. I sent him a response and decided to write a quick article about the subject:

Using Optional Stored Procedure Parameters

While answering his question, I thought about how much Transact-SQL is still out there in the world. Even though SQL Server lets you create stored procedures with the more robust .NET languages like C# and Visual Basic, there are still millions of lines of Transact-SQL code executing every day, and developers create more all the time.

In fact, my article on Coding Transactions in Transact-SQL consistently ranks in the top five articles on Nerdy Musings, and it is usually in the top two.

It just goes to show you that new technology does not make old technology any less useful. I would not be surprised if Microsoft eventually drops support for Transact-SQL, but for now, I can still take advantage of the hard-won skills I have developed in it and share my expertise with other developers who need help.

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