Sunday, January 31, 2010

Integrating AWeber with ASP.NET Web Sites

Ever since our company decided to use AWeber to manage our email lists, I've been in the business of integrating AWeber services with our ASP and ASP.NET web sites. I have to say that few tasks have been more frustrating. It's not so much that AWeber causes problems, it's just a Murphy's Law kind of thing exacerbated by the fact that lots of things CAN go wrong!

The difficulties in integrating AWeber with an ASP.NET Web site are particularly challenging, and I know I'm not alone in my frustration. Each time I've fallen into the AWeber time vortex, I've done Web searches and found many blog posts expressing similar angst. In the end, I get things working, but not without a lot of trial-and-error-and-trial-and-error-and-trial-and-error.

In an effort to save some of my fellow ASP.NET developers from a similar experience, I've written articles about various AWeber integration topics and I developed and published a free conversion tool for AWeber subscribe forms.

I recently published another AWeber-related article on my Nerdy Musings web site, which is where I publish most of my software development articles, and I thought I would take this opportunity to cross-reference all of the AWeber articles here in my blog.

Posting to an Off-Site Page in DotNetNuke

The "posting" article describes how to get an AWeber subscribe form to work in DotNetNuke. The same basic techniques can be applied to any ASP.NET Web site, as described in the next article.

Embedding Forms in an ASP.NET Web Page

This "embedding" article explains how to embed any kind of form-based widget (such as an AWeber subscribe form or a PayPal button) in an ASP.NET page.

Subscribing Customers to an AWeber List with an ASP.NET Application

The "subscribing" article is the latest in my AWeber series. It explains how to subscribe your site visitors to an AWeber list without making the visitor fill out a subscribe form. It also shows you how your application can detect and respond to successful subscribe confirmations.

AWeber Form Conversion for DotNetNuke

This free utility converts the form code generated by AWeber into something that can be pasted into an ASP.NET Web page.

If you are an ASP.NET developer tasked with integrating AWeber subscriptions into your applications, be sure to give these articles a read as they could save you boatloads of time.



Billy said...

Hi James,
I like you Blog that have really a good post.
but i have question if you don't mind
I am developer
i am new with aweber how do i integrate to post the all subscriber list to Aweber. do you have any code that will help me.

James H. Byrd said...

Hi Billy. The article you want to check out is the one titled "Subscribing Customers to an AWeber List with an ASP.NET Application. Just click the link in the article above. The article has instructions and code samples.

Good luck with your project!

al said...

Hi James,

I just used your converter for my and it worked great. Although I did have to put int the post back code since I didn't have any controls on the homepage.

I just wanted to thank you for all your effort. I know how much time this must have taken you to figure it all out and then write it all up.

AWeber should be paying you since you are helping them keep customers. I would have changed email services if I had not got the Aweber form to work.

Great job helping the community. You should put up a tip button on your site so folks can pay you a little for your help. I know I would.

Have a great day and thanks again.
Allen - Owner

James H. Byrd said...

Wow, thanks for your comments, Al. It did take some doing to figure it all out.

I had a PayPal donation button on the site at one point, but I took it down after reading that PayPal can get huffy about that if you aren't a registered non-profit org.

Ironically, all that work didn't do much to keep *me* as an AWeber customer! We still run some lists through AWeber, but many of our lists have been converted to MailChimp because MailChimp has a robust API. In fact, the only reason we keep certain lists in AWeber is because MailChimp's list management features are clunky. MailChimp is superior for integration with Web apps though.

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