Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Call It The Logical Half?

I called this blog The Logical Half because of a somewhat inside joke around the company my wife and I run. The company is named Logical Expressions, and that name has turned out to be appropriate in many ways. One of those ways has to do with the fact that Susan is more of the creative/artistic type (expressive), while I am the more analytical/technical type (logical).

We sometimes jokingly tell others that I'm the logical half of Logical Expressions, and she's the expressive half. When I was deciding on a name for this blog, which is going to be about all of the things that I find interesting, calling it the Logical Half just seemed appropriate.

A lot of my professional and business writing already goes into other web sites, so I intend to use this blog as a forum for all the information I'm personally interested in and want to share that doesn't readily fit in those other locations. In case you are interested, here are other places you can find stuff I've written:

Logical Expressions Blog for company information.

Nerdy Musings for my programming and technical articles.

Publishize Newsletter for articles I've written on self-publishing topics.

Computor Companion and Logical Tips for various computer and business articles.

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